Promotion rules

1.The member who apply for the promotion should be verified.
(If necessary, PPGaming have the right to ask member to offer the identify information.)

2.The promotion is only for the member who have their own segregated account. Every account, every address, every Email address, every phone number, every pay method(the same credit card/ bank account/GCASH), every IP could only apply for one account.

3.If the member join one or more promotions, and get the reward from one of them, it won’t let you complete the mission at the same time, the system would calculate it separately.( no mater the mission is to reach the betting amount/ the deposit amount…etc.)

4.If the member was verified abuse/ don’t qualify for getting the rewards by customer service or system, PPGaming has the right to suspend, cancel the promotion and take the reward you got from the promotion back.

5.PPGaming has the right to check all the betting record. If the members violate the rules or get profit for arbitrage, PPGaming would stop their right to get the profit from promotion.

6.If you want to participate in any promotion, please click 【Gold Coin Icon】 = 【Cash Wallet】, then click the promotion button, select the promotion you want to participate in, then enter the relevant amount, and click 【Apply for this promotion】.

7.Click the 【Wine barrel】=【promotion wallet】 check the deposit and the bonus you applied, also it would shows the TURNOVER you have need complete.

8.When you choose to participate in the promotion, there will be some promotions that cannot enter 【Live games】 and 【related games】 after you choose to participate, please kindly check 【Game】 and confirm the list of Limit games before applying .Then type you could play.

9.When there has deposit amount in the 【cash wallet】, also you have join the promotion with relevant deposit, please kindly complete the TURNOVER of 【promotion wallet】, and click 【Settle】 after you complete, also please kindly complete the turnover of 【Cash wallet】. You could only make the withdrawal after you complete both TURNOVER of the two wallet.

10.You could only click 【Settle】 after you have already complete the relevant turnover. You could choose other promotion after you click 【Settle】. Otherwise, you could only join the relevant games and complete relevant promotion.

11.If you haven’t done any bet when you click 【Give up】, we would deduct the relevant promotion bonus you applied from your 【Promotion wallet】, and return the deposit to the 【Cash wallet】.

12.If you press 【give up】 under loss situation 【haven’t complete the TURNOVER,( the total amount is less than the amount you applied to deposit + bonus)】, the relevant promotion bonus would be deducted from the 【Promotion wallet】 and the remaining principal would be returned to 【Cash wallet】

13.If you press 【give up】 under win situation【( haven’t complete TURNOVER ,(the total amount is more than the deposit amount you applied + bonus)】 , the relevant promotion bonus would be deducted from the 【Promotion wallet】 and the principal would be returned to 【Cash wallet】

14.Press 【Give up】 means you are agree with the relevant rules of 【Give up】. PPGaming would not do any adjust if you click it.

15.PPGaming reserves the right of final explanation. PPgaming have the right to revise, stop or cancel this promotion.

16.The member who join the promotion should follow the rules of this promotion and the rules on the official website. Please kindly respect other member’s rights and interests, do not waste the resource of PPGaming.

17.If you have any questions, please kindly contact the customer service.