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PPG X Tiger

PPG X Tiger

Tiger ranking :
2023/11/13 00:00 ~ 2023/10/26 29:59:59

Thank you for supporting PPGaming, the Tiger ranking event is coming again!

Reward up to 【70000】!
We are coming to offer the 【10000】bonus for Tiger ranking and the surprise big prize 【60000】, a total bonus 【70000】

Tiger Ranking Mechanism:
Specify multiples : Reach the top 50 highest multiples on the list
Specify game: All Slot games

1st-5th bonus【1000】
6th~-10th bonus【350】
11th-20th bonus【150】
21th-40th bonus【85】
41th-50th bonus【5】
Turnover: X1
Game: All Slot & Fishing Games
Maximum Withdraw: Unlimited
Frequency: Two weeks

Tiger Ranking Surprise Jackpot Mechanism:
Specify multiples: 1.10000, 2.7500, 3.5500
Specify game: All Slot games
JP Bonus:
1.Reach【35000】multiples get Free 30000P
2.Reach【15000】multiples get Free 15000P
3.Reach【10000】multiples get Free 5000P
Turnover: X1
Game:1.All Slot & Fishing Games
Max.Withdraw: Unlimited
Frequency: Two weeks