Dragon x JDB Special Event

Dragon x JDB Special Event

Dragon list champion date:
2023/05/15 00:00AM~ 2023/05/28 23:59PM

Thank you for supporting PPGaming, the Dragon List event is coming again!

Reward up to 【160,000】!

Members who bet on SLOT game could have the chance to win the 【highest score】

We offer a total bonus of 【160,000】 for the dragon list event, if the champion’s 【NETWIN】 is a negative number at the end of the event, we would refund a 【100%】 deposit to the champion.

1st 【50000】
2st 【30000】
3st 【20000】
4st 【10000】
5st 【10000】
6st 【8000】
7st 【8000】
8st 【8000】
9st 【8000】
10st 【8000】

everyone have the chance to win the big prize, all the good things are in PPGAMING.

These events would notify the subscribing members by Facebook, Telegram, and game notice, please subscribe to us to avoid you miss any notice and event.

Event Rules:

  1. If the points are the same, the member who reaches it at first would get the higher ranking.
  2. The ranking would be refreshed every 15 minutes
  3. Members should do the first time deposit at first. Dragon List Ranking would only calculate the score after you complete the first time deposit.
    【Includes the first time deposit】【The free 60 are not allowed to join this event】
  4. Only the Champion could get the 100% deposir refund if the Netwin is minus.(In the event period)
  5. About the Dragon list 1st-10th total bonus, please kindly visit LIVE CHAT to apply the reward before 2023/05/08, we would release the prize winner list on the game notice(We would only keep the qualification for one week).
  6. To protact your personal information, we would release the the prize winner account and transfer list without personal information in official Telegram group. If you are not in the group, please contact LIVE CHAT to join the group to avoid you miss any promotion.
  7. Dragon List Champion please confirm your GCASH account could receive the reward, if your GCASH account couldn’t receive the reward, please contact LIVE CHAT to revise to the new account.
  8. You could make the withdrawal after you complete 1x turnover
  9. All the promotions follow the promotion rules on the official website.