1.2% Lose Rebate

How to Participate:
1.Cashback calculate time from 00:00-24:00 everyday.
2.Reward Min payout 1 credits, no limit amount.
3.The system will automatically issue rewards at 01:00 the next day.
4.This offer is only applicable to members who deposited.
5.Payment terms: There are no restrictions on payment terms for this activity.
6.Go to reward list to claim rewards.
7. The same day upgrade will calculate the bet on the day.

Cashback ratio calculation:
Slot:Master (l.v 41-60) 1%, Champion (l.v 61-80) 1.1%, Legendary (l.v 81-99) 1.2%
fishing : Master (l.v 41-60) 0.6%, Champion (l.v 61-80) 0.7%, Legendary(l.v 81-99) 0.8%

others : Master (l.v 41-60) 0.5%, Champion (l.v 61-80) 0.6%, Legendary(l.v 81-99) 0.7%

Payment Conditions:
There are no restrictions on payment conditions for this activity.

How to get rewards:
1. Click on mission
2. Click Rewards to get points